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New top level domain update

4 Million Milestone Reached

4 million new top level domain
4 million new top level domain

https://ntldstats.com/ reports there are now (just about) 4 million new top level domains registered – that’s more than a lot of country-code top level domains. The big news in the last few days is that .网址 which means .website in Chinese has gained over 1/4 million registrations in just 3 days.

parked-overviewThere is not a great deal of change in the percentage of domains being parked (unused) however.

67 per cent of the new domains are not yet being used for websites.

Some lay the blame for this on the .xyz promotion. This domain, seemingly meaningless, has been heavily promoted by Network Solutions which has registered them to customers free of charge – controversially without asking the customers. Presumably they hope they’ll end up renewing them in a years time.

Parking growth
Parking growth

Find the Perfect Domain

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Some of the new top level domain names we offer:

.academy .company .fitness .loans .surgery
.accountants .computer .flights .maison .systems
.agency .condos .florist .management .tax
.associates .construction .foundation .marketing .technology
.bar .contractors .fund .media .tienda
.bargains .cool .furniture .network .tips
.bid .credit .gallery .partners .today
.bike .creditcard .gifts .parts .tools
.boutique .cruises .glass .photography .town
.builders .dating .graphics .photos .toys
.business .deals .gratis .pictures .trade
.cab .dental .gripe .pizza .training
.camera .diamonds .guide .place .university
.camp .digital .guru .plumbing .vacations
.capital .direct .healthcare .press .ventures
.cards .directory .holdings .productions .viajes
.care .discount .holiday .properties .villas
.careers .domains .host .recipes .vision
.cash .education .house .reisen .voyage
.catering .email .immo .rentals .watch
.center .engineering .industries .repair .webcam
.ceo .enterprises .ink .report .website
.cheap .equipment .institute .restaurant .wiki
.church .estate .insure .sarl .works
.city .events .international .schule .wtf
.claims .exchange .investments .services .xyz
.cleaning .expert .kitchen .shoes .zone
.clinic .exposed .land .singles .中文网
.clothing .fail .lease .solar .在线
.club .farm .life .solutions .移动
.codes .finance .lighting .supplies .公司
.coffee .financial .limited .supply .网络
.community .fish .limo .support

Latest new top level domain name report

Neustar, Inc. have released a report using New gTLD data to give a breakdown by industry category:

 Neustar's new guide: The FAQs of New TLDs
From Neustar’s new guide: The FAQs of New TLDs

Industry landscape overview

There are a total of 1751 new TLD applications, comprised of brands (635), generics (1060), and geographies (56). More than half of all brand TLDs fall into financial and technology verticals. Furthermore, 41% of brand TLDs were applied for by Fortune 500 companies, mostly in financial services, retail, technology and transportation.

You can download the full report here new-tld-faqs

Will Switching Confuse My Customers?

Website owners concerned that switching to an untried domain will lose their search engine ranking need not be concerned.

Popular start-up tech publication Tech Cocktail recently switched from using its keyword inclusive URL techcocktail.com to a shorter name: tech.co. As shown below, it sustained all of its original search rankings
with the new .co extension, and it continues to rank #1 for “Tech Cocktail” in search

tech-cocktailAccording to Jeff Neuman, Vice President, Registry Services at Neustar, a .brand TLD may in fact decrease customer confusion across the globe:
“Today, brands are securing a large portfolio of domain name extensions depending on where in the world their website is accessed. While .com is prominent in the U.S., brands also use a number of country-specific
extensions like .ca in the Canada and .cn in China. Combined names like .com.au and .co.uk make an even more complicated experience for global customers and brands”.

Contact Domain Name Experts

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dotLondon Launch process

We’re often asked how the .LONDON domain registration process works.

Dot_London_Logo_CMYKUntil 31st July 2014, .LONDON is in Launch phase. This gives trademark holders and Londoners a priority right.

Here are the 4 priorities, in descending order.

  1. Sunrise – Applicants with a trade mark recorded in the official Trademark Clearing House.
  2. London Priority 1 – Applicants with a London address AND with rights for a matching domain name. Eligible rights are
    • Registered trademarks effective in the UK
    • Unregistered trademarks with use in London prior to 1 April 2014
    • Registered names of companies and charities registered prior to 1 April 2014
    • Personal (full) Names
  3. London Priority 2 – Applicants with a London address for any domain name
  4. London Priorty 3 – Applicants without a London address for any domain name.

If a right is claimed in a given priority, then the lower rights do not apply. If more than claim is reached in any priority, an auction will be held. Within a given priority (eg London priority 1) there is no particular order of rights – all are deemed equal.

Claims are validated – applicants will be emailed directly by the validation agent (admin@validation.london)  so do not ignore these emails!

Deadline July 31 2014
Deadline July 31 2014

Applications run until 31st July 2014- Apply here: http://2020.sc/7fR


UK Domain Launches

DotUK Launch

This week saw the launch of the shorter UK domain name – directly under .uk, you no longer need to choose .co.uk, org.uk or .me.uk. However registration rights have been reserved for 5 years for existing .co.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk holders. Rights are in descending order so .co.uk holders get first choice.

The launch was by all accounts a success, with 50,000 new shorter .uk registrations within the first 24 hours – making it one of the fastest selling new domain releases on record.
This response beats the first day sales for the entire current batch of new generic Top Level Domains by a large margin.

New Top Level Domains in the UK

UK registrants of the new top level domains now top 70,000 in 140 different gtld strings, with the most popular choices being;

new gTLD     Domains     % Share
1.     .email     7,076     9.80 %
2.     .photography     5,010     6.94 %
3.     .guru     3,874     5.37 %
4.     .club     3,004     4.16 %
5.     .technology     2,473     3.43 %
6.     .company     2,104     2.91 %
7.     .today     2,084     2.89 %
8.     .directory     1,960     2.71 %
9.     .solutions     1,747     2.42 %
10.     .clothing     1,453     2.01 %

Full list available at ntldstats.com/country/GB