New top level domain update

4 Million Milestone Reached

4 million new top level domain
4 million new top level domain reports there are now (just about) 4 million new top level domains registered – that’s more than a lot of country-code top level domains. The big news in the last few days is that .网址 which means .website in Chinese has gained over 1/4 million registrations in just 3 days.

parked-overviewThere is not a great deal of change in the percentage of domains being parked (unused) however.

67 per cent of the new domains are not yet being used for websites.

Some lay the blame for this on the .xyz promotion. This domain, seemingly meaningless, has been heavily promoted by Network Solutions which has registered them to customers free of charge – controversially without asking the customers. Presumably they hope they’ll end up renewing them in a years time.

Parking growth
Parking growth

Find the Perfect Domain

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Some of the new top level domain names we offer:

.academy .company .fitness .loans .surgery
.accountants .computer .flights .maison .systems
.agency .condos .florist .management .tax
.associates .construction .foundation .marketing .technology
.bar .contractors .fund .media .tienda
.bargains .cool .furniture .network .tips
.bid .credit .gallery .partners .today
.bike .creditcard .gifts .parts .tools
.boutique .cruises .glass .photography .town
.builders .dating .graphics .photos .toys
.business .deals .gratis .pictures .trade
.cab .dental .gripe .pizza .training
.camera .diamonds .guide .place .university
.camp .digital .guru .plumbing .vacations
.capital .direct .healthcare .press .ventures
.cards .directory .holdings .productions .viajes
.care .discount .holiday .properties .villas
.careers .domains .host .recipes .vision
.cash .education .house .reisen .voyage
.catering .email .immo .rentals .watch
.center .engineering .industries .repair .webcam
.ceo .enterprises .ink .report .website
.cheap .equipment .institute .restaurant .wiki
.church .estate .insure .sarl .works
.city .events .international .schule .wtf
.claims .exchange .investments .services .xyz
.cleaning .expert .kitchen .shoes .zone
.clinic .exposed .land .singles .中文网
.clothing .fail .lease .solar .在线
.club .farm .life .solutions .移动
.codes .finance .lighting .supplies .公司
.coffee .financial .limited .supply .网络
.community .fish .limo .support

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