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New free services from 2020Media

This post is a quick preview of some new services we’re introducing for our customers.

Piwik Analytics.

Piwik analytics is not a widely known name, but they offer a private version of website visitor analytics in a very similar style to Google Analytics.

Piwik has repeatedly emphasized ownership of data when compared to Google analytics. Piwik is hosted on our own servers vs Google analytics which is a remotely hosted service. So with your visitor’s data you remain in control.

Piwik WordPress plugin for custom variables
Piwik WordPress plugin
Piwik also boasts of other main features like real time visitors, events, segmentation and many others. The Piwik WordPress plugin make it trivial to add specific variables right on the Page edit screen.

We will install Piwik on any site hosting by 2020Media free of charge – no configuration by users is needed.

It’s included free of charge as part of our managed WordPress service, but we’ll also set it up on Drupal, Joomla, Open Journal and almost all other website content mangement systems.

Piwik Selected Reports

We believe the addition of Piwik Analytics gives our customers a useful tool that will help with their website optimisation and ultimately their search engine ranking.

Piwik reports are available in real time via the customer portal ‘Gems’ section.

Disk Usage Reporting

Website disk usage report
Website disk usage report
This new report gives an at a glance assessment of how much space your website is using in relation to it’s quota. Should a site be nearing it’s quota, alerts are sent to customers giving them warning.

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