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Enterprise & IPv6 Workshop – UK IPv6 Council

On 24th April 2023, a team of technical staff from 2020Media attended an Enterprise and IPv6 Workshop organised by the UK IPv6 Council at the Morgan Stanley Conference Centre in London. The workshop was aimed at helping enterprises understand and adopt IPv6, the latest version of the Internet Protocol that offers many benefits over the current IPv4.

The workshop featured a series of talks from experts and practitioners who shared their insights and experiences on various aspects of IPv6, such as address planning, security, applications, cloud, Kubernetes, IoT and case studies. The 2020Media team learned about the latest news on IPv6 adoption and technical challenges, as well as best practices and tips for a successful transition.

IPv6 talk
IPv6 Security & Mythbusting – Fernando Gont (SI6 Networks)

The workshop also provided an opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange with other attendees from different sectors and backgrounds who are interested in or working on IPv6 deployment. The 2020Media team enjoyed the lively discussions and interactions with the speakers and peers, and gained valuable feedback and suggestions for their own IPv6 projects.

The 2020Media team would like to thank the UK IPv6 Council for organising this informative and engaging workshop, and Morgan Stanley for hosting it at their impressive venue. The team is looking forward to applying what they learned at the workshop to their own work and contributing to the IPv6 community in the UK.

Slides from the presentations can be found at : Enterprise & IPv6 Workshop – UK IPv6 Council

IPv6 Day – the aftermath

Graph of website traffic to 2020Media on IPv6 day
We got some extra traffic to our site

As we reported in an earlier post, 2020Media took part in World IPv6 Day, which took place on 8th June 2011. For 24 hours (or more) major websites around the world turned on IPv6 access to test how well this technology actually worked in practice.

Organised by the Internet Society, the project was intended to raise awareness about the need to start the global transition to IPv6 and to enable participants to gather data about potential glitches

2020Media’s website and blog were reachable over IPv6 (in addition to IPv4 of course), and we saw an increase in our normal website visitors on the day. We had no reported problems and our servers coped without any errors, so we consider the day a success.

Not so the boffins at Nominet, who were hosting one of the probes monitoring UK connectivity. For the early part of the day, routing problems there made UK sites, including the BBC look patchy.

ISOC measurements
ISOC measurements

One good thing about IPv6 day was that where there were any kind of routing problem, because everybody was watching, those problems were resolved fast.

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Spell it out with IPv6

Calculator showing b00b7e55Today is World IPv6 day –  a day for websites around the world to test their IPv6 readiness. One unexpected consequence is that IPv6 address are hex – and therefore contain the letters a-f. This hasn’t been lost on the network boffins at the big sites that are taking part in todays experiment.

  • 2020Media has gone for the simple: [2a00:19e8:20:20::20]

SysAdmins everywhere will enjoy inserting their favourite beverage into addresses: :c0:ffee

For more tips on spelling in IPv6, see Pingdom

And Finally…

Lancaster University Network Services have gone for the schoolboy favourite: [2a01:8900:0:1::b00b:1e5]

The end of the internet…

Minister for the Internet

We marked the end of the internet as we know it with a celebratory event on the evening of 22nd March at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden.

300 or so people queued around the Piazza to get in to the 2 1/2 hour even which featured “Minister for the Internet” MP Ed Vaizey, Internet pioneer Prof. Peter Kirstein and finished with a song – “the day the routers died (video)” (to the tune of Bye Bye American Pie).

IANA (Leo Vegoda) did a re-run of the handover of the last block of IPv4 addresses (video) to RIPE (Nigel Titley). This historic event meant there are no no more blocks of IPv4 internet IP addresses in reserve – and the inclusion of IPv6 is now a reality.

2020Media are fully committed to IPv6 and will be taking part in World IPv6 day on 8th June 2011.

Vint Cerf addresses 6::UK event

Vint Cerf at 6::UK

Vint Cerf, founding father of the internet, spoke yesterday at the first 6::UK conference to promote adoption of the next generation IPv6 IP addressing system.

2020Media was at the event and was pleased to find our preperations and progress are already well ahead of most of UK business.

2020Media published its plans for IPv6 last year here. It’s anticpated that all IPv4 addresses will be allocated from the central pool by summer 2011, so the 6::UK group aim to encourage all UK stakeholders to act now to be ready for the new addressing system.

Any broadband customer who’d like to start using IPv6 on their connection can do so right now, for free, using our free tunnelling service. Please contact us to request a tunnel.