The end of the internet…

Minister for the Internet

We marked the end of the internet as we know it with a celebratory event on the evening of 22nd March at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden.

300 or so people queued around the Piazza to get in to the 2 1/2 hour even which featured “Minister for the Internet” MP Ed Vaizey, Internet pioneer Prof. Peter Kirstein and finished with a song – “the day the routers died (video)” (to the tune of Bye Bye American Pie).

IANA (Leo Vegoda) did a re-run of the handover of the last block of IPv4 addresses (video) to RIPE (Nigel Titley). This historic event meant there are no no more blocks of IPv4 internet IP addresses in reserve – and the inclusion of IPv6 is now a reality.

2020Media are fully committed to IPv6 and will be taking part in World IPv6 day on 8th June 2011.