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Here are a few highlights from February’s issue.

Joomla Resources Directory Updates

When we set out to create the new JRD there were over 350 submissions waiting to go through the approval process. We’re happy to share that we have reviewed of all of these submissions! Moving forward, our goal is to process each new submission within a two week period of time. Read More

WordPress to Joomla Migration Checklist

If you’re planning to migrate your WordPress website to Joomla for the wide range of features Joomla allows, here’s what to keep in mind as you map out the process. Why Joomla? Here are a few of Joomla’s unique capabilities:  Read More

Revealing Joomla’s SEO Secrets – Redirect Manager

One of the hidden gems which appeared with the 1.6 version of Joomla is the Redirect Manager – a simple system which allows you to identify and fix broken links. Before the Redirect Manager was introduced, the only way to find and fix broken URLs was to use a third party extension, an SEO scraper such as Screaming Frog, or looking in your server logs. Now it’s possible to identify and manage broken links within the administrator panel of your Joomla website. Read More

Public Intro, Restricted Article

There are times when the project of a site calls for the introduction of texts to be visible by general audiences, but if the visitor wants to see the full article, s/he must log in to the system. The full content is blocked and only after the visitor creates or is granted an access account will s/he be able enjoy the full content of the article. Read More

Interview: Alex de Borba

Alex was offering his help for anyone who had a question about Joomla. Here is the interview I had with Alex. Alex explains why he chose Joomla over WordPress, why he distains templates and cookie-cutter websites, why his site is green (yes really), and a great quote: “coders are the only ones capable to turn coffee into code”, and good coffee ain’t cheap. Read More