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Here’s a few extensions for Joomla CMS that we’ve found very useful so we thought’d we’d share them with you.

  • jLoginAlert Emails you when someone tries to login to your site.
  • Mobile Joomla Reformats your site to fit mobiles
  • JoomArt Extensions Manager Centralised management and updating of extensions
  • Docman document/download manager with user login, notifications and a big supporting community.
  • VirtueMart free ecommerce extension that can also be used as a catalogue.
  • ReDJ allows you to create short urls on your site that redirect to actual pages. See for an example.

Coming soon for Joomla fans is going to be the release of Joomla 1.6. This is actually quite a major update, the current 1.5 release has been going for around 3 years and the release of 1.6 will open up Joomla far more to integrate with other services. This is an approach the Drupal has used very successfully so its a case of Joomla catching up with how the web is developing now.

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  1. Virtuemart was reviewed in the October edition of J!MAG, the Joomla magazine, and compared with 2 other e-commerce Joomla extensions, redShop and Tienda.

    The review is here:

    Their conclusions:
    * Do you want a simple easy-to-understand shopping cart for the average Joomla! Administrator? If so, Tienda might be your best bet.
    * Do you need a rich feature set and lots of control? If so, redShop is a good choice.
    * If you want your shop to be based on a community driven project and a mature set of community Extensions and documentation, VirtueMart is likely the best choice.

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