The Web Design Trends Dominating 2015 and How WordPress Stacks Up – WPMU DEV

Which web design trends have come to define 2015? And more importantly, is WordPress keeping up? We scrutinized a whopping 200 websites as part of an exhaustive search, revealing some obvious insights and a few surprises along the way.

Source: The Web Design Trends Dominating 2015 and How WordPress Stacks Up – WPMU DEV

So Your Client Wants a WordPress Slider? Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether you love them or hate them, sliders are still a popular feature of many free and premium themes. It’s not too difficult to see why: they’re eye-catching and draw attention to key information on your site. Despite the pros, there are many cons to using sliders. Here’s our verdict on whether you should use sliders or not.

Source: So Your Client Wants a WordPress Slider? Before You Cringe, Here’s What You Need to Know

Old-skool slider - not responsive, not accessible...
Old-skool slider – not responsive, not accessible…

We love a slider so we don’t think they’re going to disappear so soon.

Redesigning and relaunching a website

2020Media relaunched it’s website today –

If there’s one thing that doesn’t change about the internet, it’s that it is constantly changing. As a web host founded 15 years ago, we’ve seen a lot of technologies develop and unfold across the ‘net, especially in the last couple of years. The hand-coded HTML website from the early days of the web are now a rarity, and developers, designers and end-users have embraced the CMS [Content Management System].

We’ve refocused our website and promote and inform our customers that 2020Media provides quality CMS hosting, with a special emphasis on open source. The open source stable of CMS software have taken a leading role across the web – over 60% of websites 1 now use a CMS of some kind or another. Blogging systems like WordPress have become full blown website development platforms, and specialist developer platforms like Drupal have become user friendly and widely adopted. There are also open source e-commerce and non-profit specialised systems that are equally prominent2.

Original Mini
Original Mini

Another reason to refresh a website is linked again to the fast pace of change on the internet. The Mini cars of 2014 still are recognisable progeny of the 1960 originals. However I’d challange anyone to compare a modern website with a 1996 example. So every few years it’s necessary to give a website a fresh look, taking account of modern fashions and fads, whether you like them or not!

With this in mind, and not wantingto end up on “Ancient and Abandoned Website that Still Work” we decided our own website was overdue a fresh look using an up to date CMS and the content needed editing and rewriting.

Like your neighbour the builder who’s own house looks like a explosion in a brick factory, our own build has taken weeks months years longer than planned! However there comes a moment when one can delay no longer and it’s time to publish (and be damned!).

newsite1There’s still a lot of work behind the scenes to update old links, complete certain sections (we do still offer broadband and servers!), and apply the various changes needed to get the best from search engines like Google and Bing.