Free images for your WordPress site

PhotoDropper has over 62 million free images that WordPress owners can access and insert right from their WordPress dashboard.


They also have a premium tier that offers more professional photos on a pay-by-the-photo basis.

Many people can locate images from stock photo websites or their own libraries, but this involves extra steps of downloading the image, resizing perhaps, then uploading to the WordPress site. Checking for copyright also takes more time. This plugin does it all from within WordPress, using Creative Commons licences.

The PhotoDropper plugin is free!

You can download the plugin here, or just search for “PhotoDropper” from inside your plugins dashboard.

With PhotoDropper you have access to the entire Flickr Creative Commons database offering you over 243.8 million Creative Commons images all totally free and totally legal for you to use on your website… As long as you follow the simple licensing, which PhotoDropper makes easy.

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons lets people share any work (photo, graphics, writing, etc.) with the world so that anyone can use and remix their creations under the licensing terms the authors provide. It is usually denoted with “Some Rights Reserved” instead of  “All Rights Reserved.”

Flickr (part of Yahoo) has one of the world’s largest collections of such photos that people have shared with just such a license.

The PhotoDropper Plugin makes the process of finding and adding these photos to your posts  simple and takes care of necessary attribution automatically.

Learn more about the Creative Commons license along with its rules and restrictions here.