The Economist migrates to Drupal

The Economist runs Drupal

Drupal is used on many thousands of websites, but a recent convert to Drupal is The Economist. The Economist is now using Drupal 6 to serve the vast majority of content pages to its primary web site, Drupal powers the homepage, along with all articles, channels, comments, and more.

The site is incredibly busy – over 100,000 stories and a Posting rate exceeding a comment per minute. It also boasts 20-30 million page views per month with 3-4 millon unique visitors over the same period.

The Economist has a large varied dataset and moving from the previous system (based on ColdFusion and Oracle) was no easy task. They hired  a specialist company called Cyrve who’ve written and open-sourced a Drupal module to enable migrations of existing complex databases to Drupal. Read more about the migration, or check out Drupal Hosting from 2020Media.