New Telephone number 0370 321 2020

2020Media announced today a new incoming telephone number.

0370 321 2020

This new number replaces all our 0870 and 0370 321 2020 numbers that we’ve been using since we started 10 years ago and have followed us faithfully from office to office as we’ve expanded. The reason is two-fold.

  1. Calls to 0330/0370 numbers are cheaper –  they cost the same to call as standard landline numbers, even from a mobile phone,  and are included in many calling plans.
  2. 0870 numbers have come under regulatory changes from OfCom which rules out their use for businesses like ours.

So, if you’d like to talk to 2020Media, there’s just one number to note: 0370 321 2020.

Want your own 0330 or 0370 number?  We recommend Flextel

2020Media is a leading UK business internet service provider, founded in 1999. We offer UK web hosting, domain names, internet connectivity and server hosting. Please see our website for more: Latest products include Wifi Hotspots for business and non-profits with premises, advanced WordPress hosting, and new top level domain (ntld) registrations.

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