Migrating Email

Moving email services between providers is by far the most complex and critical task we face as a web host.

This is a quick post to highlight a useful online tool that can be used to move IMAP email from one server to another.

It’s called Imapsync online, created by Gilles LAMIRAL and it can be found at https://i005.lamiral.info/X/

It’s not suitable for keeping two “live” accounts in sync, but for our purposes should be used, after the email has been pointed at our servers, and you need to ensure your old email is not lost when your old provider turns off the service.

The other option is simply to drag and drop folders in your desktop email software from the old account to the new account. This is perfectly fine but you do need to ensure you copy all the folders and don’t miss any.

Blackberry Firewall List

It may help to be aware that Blackberry/RIM publish a list of the IP addresses that they use for connections to internet server providers.

The list can be found here.

2020Media’s email services are fully supported on Blackberry mobile devices and we encourage anyone using one to configure their 2020Media email for use remotely.

The best way is to use IMAP for connection as it is the fastest.