Joomla Meetup March

Gary Barclay of gave us news of the Joomla user group meeting on 19th March.

We started off with a follow up to the security conversation from February. Joe and Phil from had laid a trap for a hacker who’d managed to implant a malicious file on a out of date Joomla site. They modified his file so that they could trace what actions he was taking. The feeling of having control over the hacker, even after the effect, was a very nice indeed!

The next item was a preview of Joomla 3.1 beta. The main topic was Tags. This led onto a discussion about keeping urls the way you want them. After this came  Zoo shopping cart options with YooDocs and Zoolanders.

Finally the floor was opened to general discussion and many Joomla problems were raised and then dispatched with the usual expertise from those present.