Preview New Features

Here’s a sneak preview of some new features we’ll be adding later this year for our customers.

Improved Reporting

Users of our customer portal will be able to get a daily report of their service usage. This example features bandwidth reporting:

Bandwidth Report
Bandwidth Report

These new reports will cover website bandwidth, disk quota, broadband usage etc.

Automatic Renewal

What would happen if your main domain name expired? You’ve asked for automatic renewal of domain names and services, so we’re working to introduce this soon. Payment systems and domain registry backend systems are being integrated so that if you have a registered continuous payment method set up, such as Direct Debit, we can seamlessly allow you to set your services to auto-renew. Unlike some companies, we’ll never make this mandatory and you’ll always have the choice.

Key Benefits

  • Simplifies your life; your 2020Media subscription is automatically renewed every year without any action required by you.
  • Saves time and reduces stress, you don’t have to worry about remembering to pay for your subscription before it expires.
  • Automatically receive the appropriate best pricing for your hosting plan.
  • Never miss your payments, avoid charges for arrears or court costs on overdue invoices.
  • Avoid redemption and reactivation charges on expired domains.
  • Opt-out of automatic renewal service at any time.

Simple, secure and making our payment system more streamlined.

Customer Portal

customer portal thumbnailHave you looked in the 2020Media customer portal recently? This is the hub of all your 2020Media products and services.

Portal Docs

  • All invoices can be downloaded at any time.
  • Renewal notices are archived here.
  • 30 day Financial statement, generated daily.
  • 90 day statement, generated monthly.
  • Account credentials  available 24/7
  • Usage reports (coming soon)
  • Services listed with important dates (updated on request)


  • Keep track of support queries with My Tickets.
  • View the complete history of the query.
  • Search facility – locate previous requests.
  • Open and respond to queries via email or the web.
  • Works with mobile devices with specially optimised view.

The customer portal also includes an area where you can update your profile and password. Add social media links, and upload a photo.

Login to the customer portal at and let us know what you think.