Migrating Existing Websites

Migrating websites can be easy

One of the services that makes 2020Media special is performing migrations of existing websites from other web hosts. We’ll help with anything from a static HTML site to complex database driven CMS websites. Website migrations are not always needed – sometimes the customer has a full copy of their website and it’s straightforward for them to upload it and get going straight away.

But it’s not unusual for a customer to find themselves with a problem – their developer is no longer around or puts barriers up to the move, or the existing web host does everything in their power to hold their customer to ransom.

Often customers have been told by everyone they’ve spoken to that their web site can only be hosted or maintained by their current provider, and if they wish to move, they’ll have to start again from scratch. Put simply, this is not true in the majority of cases. Talk to 2020Media about your move, and we’ll give you free advice on what is and isn’t possible.

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