What is a QR Code?

Google recently sent out 100,000 stickers to selected US businesses for use on their storefront windows. The stickers have the Google Maps logo and a QR (Quick Reference) code that can be scanned by smart phone cameras and display Google listings for the business on the phone screen.

Point your QR Code reader at this
Point your QR Code reader at this

A camera is often included in mobile phones, portable gaming devices and PDAs, so rather than laboriously copy down the details, these 2D bar codes provide a quick way to transfer simple information.

You can generate your own bar codes at the QR-Code Generator website. To read them, you’ll need an application linked to your camera. Try search your ‘phone’s application store, or take a look on google for QR Code reader

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    1. Sometimes QR Codes have a number underneath which you can use to decode them without a camera but you can download a free desktop reader called icandy. You’ll still need to get the QR Code image onto your computer, perhaps with a scanner or digital camera.

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