Website Spark Enhanced

microsoft pinpoint logoWebsiteSpark membership has expanded to include membership in the Microsoft Partner Network—and web professionals are now able to get listed on Microsoft Pinpoint. If you sign up you can showcase your applications and services, create new opportunities to generate sales leads and drive revenue, and view customer search criteria and traffic analyses of your profiles.

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Web Professional Offer updated

WebsiteSpark already partners with Microsoft to offer web development software at no upfront cost. Now WebsiteSpark membership has been expanded to include a membership in the Microsoft Partner Network. With Microsoft Partner Network membership you get a community of fellow members, evaluation software, expert support, incentives, newsworthy articles and announcements about products and initiatives, lead generation, sales demonstrations, and training.

WebsiteSpark provides software licenses that you can use for three years at no cost. WebsiteSpark also provides a path to get exposure and participate in the developer community (through the Partner Program, BizSpark Camps, etc.).