Updating Joomla 1.6

Regular users of Joomla! will have got used to patching their installation with FTP or on the command line. You may not be aware but the new versions of Joomla!, 1.6 and beyond, have built in updating. Here’s a very quick guide to updating Joomla! 1.6  yourself.

1. Login to your Joomla! administrator area ( www.domainname.com/administrator/ )
2. Go to Extensions > Extension Manager > And click on “Update”
3. Click on “Find Updates” in the top right and Joomla will automatically find any potential updates available to you.
4. If you see that Joomla is now listed, you should check the box next to “Joomla” and click “Update”.
5. Joomla will automatically update you to the latest version.

Find Updates
Find Updates

Notes: Joomla does not check automatically – administrators need to run the check from the control panel.

The “Find Updates” button is in the top right – the menu area that’s hardly ever used in Joomla and often missed.

With Joomla 1.7 about to be released, developers are wondering how many more updates of 1.6 there will be.

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