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Joomla User Group

Another meeting of the Joomla London User Group took place yesterday in London. The user group is now 2 years old and is attended by about 10 people each monthly meeting.

A useful tip mentioned this meeting was about extending Joomla through the many add-ons available. The central place for find Joomla add-ons is the JED (Joomla Extensions Directory). This directory lists both commercial and free extensions. There are often several extenstions that tackle the same need so it can be hard to know which would be best. We advise that you check the views and reviews show in JED very carefully – if there only a few this can mean that the extension is not particularly popular and may lead to the developer abandoning it.¬† It’s also worth looking at the ‘last updated’ date next to ‘Views’. Not all extensions need updates of course, but if an add-on has a recent update it’s a sign of an active project.

Joomla Extensions Directory

Some of the user group had been experimenting with Joomla 1.6, the tenth beta of which had just been released. They said there is still a way to go, and there a certain issues that remain unresolved. Clearly the final release isn’t going to appear just yet.

The user group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and you can find out more on their website.

Finally, Joomla!Day 2010 is taking place in Ipswitch, Suffolk from Saturday, 30th October to Sunday, 31st October 2010 inclusive.

Joomla hosting requires a certain environment on the server and 2020Media’s Joomla hosting is designed to deliver exactly the right specification for all Joomla websites.

Joomla News

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Joomla Hosting

Here’s a few extensions for Joomla CMS that we’ve found very useful so we thought’d we’d share them with you.

  • jLoginAlert Emails you when someone tries to login to your site.
  • Mobile Joomla Reformats your site to fit mobiles
  • JoomArt Extensions Manager Centralised management and updating of extensions
  • Docman document/download manager with user login, notifications and a big supporting community.
  • VirtueMart free ecommerce extension that can also be used as a catalogue.
  • ReDJ allows you to create short urls on your site that redirect to actual pages. See www.2020media.com/contact for an example.

Coming soon for Joomla fans is going to be the release of Joomla 1.6. This is actually quite a major update, the current 1.5 release has been going for around 3 years and the release of 1.6 will open up Joomla far more to integrate with other services. This is an approach the Drupal has used very successfully so its a case of Joomla catching up with how the web is developing now.

How to reset Joomla and WordPress passwords


Using any MySQL admin tool, (PHPMyAdmin), run the following query, entering your own choice of password:

UPDATE jos_users SET password = MD5("new-password") WHERE  jos_users.username = "admin"; 

If you’re using a different username to admin, change as appropriate.

If this doesn’t work, try changing jos_users to mos_users.


If you know your username and the email account in your profile, you can use the “lost password” function –

If you can’t use this method, here’s how to do it in MySQL.

Using any MySQL admin tool, (PHPMyAdmin), run the following query, entering your own choice of password.

UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass = MD5("new-password") WHERE wp_users.user_login = "admin";

Notes: You must have access to your database. If you don’t, pass these instructions on to someone that does.