Internet Policy – you decide

How you can become involved and help ICANN to shape the future of the Internet

ICANN, the governing body of the internet is holding two web meetings on 20th May 2010 that are aimed at you.  The sessions will be held on Thursday 20 May at 12.00 GMT and 19.00 GMT, and will use a webinar format – all you’ll need is a web browser and internet connection to listen or participate.

If you are wondering whether a role in Internet policy development could benefit your or your organization’s long-term goals, it’s well worth joining.

In order to participate, we suggest you read the announcement here: WEBINAR: Policy Development at ICANN and sign up to join in.

New top level domains

ICANN is introducing a range of new top level domains (think .com, .net, .org) which will be open to anyone who cares to think of one. So far suggestions have varied from geo-domains like .paris, .london and .nyc, to topics like .eco, .food and .music.

whoWhen these new domains come along, will they be useful? The argument often given is that you replace the three meaningless characters to the right of the dot, namely com or net,  with characters that actually provide guidance to the user about what will be found at the web site using that TLD (think .music, .london).

The gTLD process is bogged down at the moment, but ICANN have announced that country code domains (like .cn, .ru) will be translated into their own native character sets. This has been on the cards for a long time and its great to see it should soon be a reality.

Domains consultation

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

This week 2020Media attended the London ICANN consultation on new top level domain names (gTLDs) at RIBA. The event was well attended, with many people flying from all over Europe and beyond to have their say.

ICANN is seeking people’s views on the introduction of potentially hundreds of new top level domains (.eco, .city, etc) especially with regard to protecting brand names.

Many big brands have resisted the idea of new domains entirely, but having accepted they will happen, are now attempting to ‘reserve’ their names and trademarks so they can’t be registered by anyone apart from themselves.

In recent ccTLD launches, there’s been quite a high price put on domains in the so-called Sunrise period by the registries, and this is something the brands want to avoid.

On the other hand, trademarks exist in classes, they are not global (so Apple Records and Apple Computers can both have trademark on ‘Apple’, in their respective business areas). So if a new domain is launched, why should the man in the street not register, providing they don’t start passing themselves off as an Ipod reseller.

New Domains – London Event

ICANN, the top level body responsible for the internet, is holding a consultation in London this July.

The consultations will facilitate on-going discussions with the Internet community regarding workable solutions to some of the outstanding, overarching issues, particularly trademark protection and malicious behavior, on the proposed new tranche of domain name extensions.

All events are free of charge and you can find out more and signup at the ICANN website