UK Internet Governance Forum

Internet Governance Forum
Internet Governance Forum

2020Media attended the recent UK internet governance forum, held at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills on 3rd February.

The meeting brought together reports  from the international Sharm El Sheikh meeting, and discussed the future of the IGF. Chaired by a cross-party group of MPs, the meeting attracted representatives, from amongst others, Nominet, Childnet, LINX, Internet Safety groups and regional goverment.

Although 2020Media is a small part of the internet in the UK, we believe participation in events like the UK Internet Governance Forum is important. At the moment, we are lucky enough that we as ordinary users and businesses can have a say in the governance and direction of internet strategy so it’s essential that we exercise that right.

One of the sections focussed on GreenIT, which we promote through EcoServ, a division offering highly efficient dedicated servers and virtualisation technology.

What is a QR Code?

Google recently sent out 100,000 stickers to selected US businesses for use on their storefront windows. The stickers have the Google Maps logo and a QR (Quick Reference) code that can be scanned by smart phone cameras and display Google listings for the business on the phone screen.

Point your QR Code reader at this
Point your QR Code reader at this

A camera is often included in mobile phones, portable gaming devices and PDAs, so rather than laboriously copy down the details, these 2D bar codes provide a quick way to transfer simple information.

You can generate your own bar codes at the QR-Code Generator website. To read them, you’ll need an application linked to your camera. Try search your ‘phone’s application store, or take a look on google for QR Code reader

Peering into the future

.uk registrar conference
.uk registrar conference

2020Media took part in the 2009 Nominet registrar conference today. The event was held at Lords cricket ground (some kind of sports theme going on as last year it was a Wembley stadium). Amongst the many debates that took place, the most interesting speaker was Bill Thompson, a leading technology writer, who spoke of the need to continually change, in order to keep up with the way the internet evolves.

Although 2020Media is very well established in internet terms and is now 10 years old, we never forget how we gained our place in the UK internet marketplace and continually try to improve and involve the services that we offer. A good place to check out the latest products is at our Offers page.

New Telephone number 0370 321 2020

2020Media announced today a new incoming telephone number.

0370 321 2020

This new number replaces all our 0870 and 0370 321 2020 numbers that we’ve been using since we started 10 years ago and have followed us faithfully from office to office as we’ve expanded. The reason is two-fold.

  1. Calls to 0330/0370 numbers are cheaper –  they cost the same to call as standard landline numbers, even from a mobile phone,  and are included in many calling plans.
  2. 0870 numbers have come under regulatory changes from OfCom which rules out their use for businesses like ours.

So, if you’d like to talk to 2020Media, there’s just one number to note: 0370 321 2020.

Want your own 0330 or 0370 number?  We recommend Flextel

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