Tomcat 7 Hosting

Apache Tomcat 7
Tomcat 7 Hosting from 2020Media

Work started on Tomcat version 7 in Jan 2009, and almost 2 years to the day, the stable release of Tomcat 7 has been announced.

2020Media is proud to announce it’s support for the new Tomcat version on both Java Premium and Java Dedicated hosting packages. The packages offer some of the most powerful and most-asked for features of any hosting services in the world – complete control over Tomcat via SSH. Live logs, Dedicated MySQL servers, and of course, our unsurpassed knowledge and expertise in Tomcat web hosting.

Tomcat 7 Features

Exciting new features in our Tomcat 7 Hosting plans include:

  • Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2 and EL 2.2 specification support
  • Hugely improved memory leak prevention and detection
  • Simplified embedding. Utilizing a new API, developers only need a few lines of code to get Tomcat running within their applications.
  • Improved assistance in stability, performance, and application cleanup
  • Logging: Tomcat 7 includes two improvements to its logging system: a single line log formatter to make log files easier to read and an asynchronous file handler.
  • Servlet 3.0’s asynchronous support has been fully implemented in Tomcat 7.


Opinion amongst Tomcat experts is that there are no significant obstacle to upgrading applications (as opposed to re-writing applications). See for help when you start this process and also see Mark Thomas’s blog for some additional info.

We’ve heard that after upgrade applications are at least as stable and even just a touch faster.

Start Using Tomcat 7 Today

Setup a Tomcat 7 hosting account with 2020Media and you could be enjoying the benefits of the latest release today. Or Contact Us to find out more about what we offer.