Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

This week we have a guest post from one of our clients, Andy Clark. Andy runs a popular blog called “WorkshopShed.com“, which is all about making things in the shed at the bottom of his garden. Andy writes: I’ve been running a blog on Blogger since 2008 with a custom domain sourced by 2020Media. I … Continue reading Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

London WordPress Meetup Report

The topics at this months meetup were entitled: Handling WP user generated content Use WP to find clients WP Security Cleaner themes. User generated content The first talk was by Graham Armfield of Coolfields, who is known as Mr Accessibility. But this month he almost managed to talk about something completely different! Accessibility came  in … Continue reading London WordPress Meetup Report

WordPress Logging to File

I’ve been doing some Ajax development so wanted to log any errors to a file rather than screen, this is because any messages written into the return from the Ajax call can corrupt the message and the Javascript calling the function cannot interpret the data. Logging to file could also be useful when debugging very … Continue reading WordPress Logging to File

Protect your WordPress website

The WordPress brute-force login attacks show little sign of abating and we recommend all users ensure their sites are secured against this attack. The Attack Since spring 2013, hackers have been calling the WordPress login url with “standard” usernames (like ‘admin’) and thousands of passwords.  In our experience nearly all users have ‘admin’ as a … Continue reading Protect your WordPress website