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WordPress 3.4

There's a new version of WordPress out. Dubbed “Green” in honor of guitarist Grant Green, this release is mainly a feature and under-the-hood update. There are no critical security fixes.

wordpress 3.4 logo

wordpress 3.4

We recommend all our clients using our popular WordPress Hosting plans to upgrade.

Facebook <=> WordPress

Integration between Facebook and WordPress just got a whole lot easier, as Facebook have announced an official plugin for WordPress.

After Facebook announced its new plugin for WordPress, the relationship between the two popular applications just became stronger. With the new plugin, features like publishing and @mentions has become easy for WordPress publishers, many of whom have never written a line of code in their lives.

Once users install this plugin, they can start posting their WordPress content to their Facebook Timelines and Facebook Pages. We think that this is a really good move because it makes content sharing a whole lot easier.

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